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Y’all Come See Us!

The Wall Street Journal ran a nice article that suggests you should take a long weekend to explore our hometown of Birmingham and its culinary delights.  When you make the pilgrimage, drop by the office for a visit.

In the jutting chin of the Appalachians, near Alabama’s mineral-rich Red Mountain, men made the pig iron that girded America’s industrial revolution.  The city that appeared around them, almost out of nowhere, exploded from about 3,000 people in 1880 to 26,000 just a decade later.  By the early 1900s, city stakeholders had christened Birmingham, Ala., “the Magic City” — and the moniker stuck.  Even now, the name of seemingly every business in town, from Magic City Pet Care to Magic City Law, recalls those boomtown roots.

These days, the old iron town is forging another radical transformation.  The local-maker renaissance sweeping the South is redefining downtown Birmingham as a 21st-century creative hub, refiring its peanut roasters, installing laudable restaurants in once-crumbling storefronts and seeding green space in the rusted footprint of old rail industry.  Don’t expect the gentility of Charleston or Savannah.  This is a city that holds weddings and music festivals inside an abandoned iron furnace.  But unapologetic grit and a fair share of alchemy have long been Birmingham’s biggest draws.

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