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The Evolution of Search

Search is still in in its infancy, and lots of innovation will come over the next couple of decades.  Google might be the best situated to lead this innovation, but we feel that most people are more confident in the company’s “moat” than probability warrants.  This article about Google’s Knowledge Graph gives some indication about where search can go.

Google has a confession to make: It does not understand you.  If you ask it “the 10 deepest lakes in the U.S,” it will give you a very good result based on the keywords in the phrase and sites with significant authority on those words and even word groupings, but Google Fellow and SVP Amit Singhal says Google doesn’t understand the question.   “We cross our fingers and hope someone on the web has written about these things or topics.”

The future of Google Search, though, could be a very different story.  In an extensive conversation, Singhal, who has been in the search field for 20 years, outlined a developing vision for search that takes it beyond mere words and into the world of entities, attributes and the relationship between those entities.  In other words, Google’s future search engine will not only understand your lake question but know a lake is a body of water and tell you the depth, surface areas, temperatures and even salinities for each lake

To understand where Google is going, however, you need to know where it’s been.

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