C&B Notes

Technology’s Impact on Education and Learning (Yes, these are separate things!)

In our past letters and blog entries on education driven topics, we have focused more on the Internet’s impact on how teachers organize content and how students then consume that content.  In particular, we have noted how the Internet improves the learning process through the deliverability and wider-spread availability of content. Looking at another angle, this video provides an interesting look at how a particular piece of hardware (or, more broadly in this case, a tablet form factor) improves the digestibility and retention of content for the student.  A specific takeaway we found interesting was how this solution integrates previously disparate media into one place (e.g., interactive graphs, 3D models, music) while also providing the ability to easily and immediately cross-reference information within the same device.

[Note: From a pure business perspective, it is interesting how the textbook manufacturers are hedging their bets with an investment in this technology, which could clearly in some ways disrupt their legacy business model.]