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Paul Tudor Jones On His Newspaper Past and Potential Investing Future

Richard’s former boss Paul Jones spoke about lessons learned from his newspaper days and a potential nearer-term opportunity:

“…Jones told a crowd of several hundred businesspeople and political leaders he can still smell the “pungent, acrid” scent of the old linotype machines the paper once used.  He also said his time at The Daily News helped provide an invaluable foundation for the high-profile investment world he now inhabits.  Referring to the direct and to-the-point style of newspaper writing, Jones said “it taught me when you’re confronted with a problem to very quickly identify it and to order it.”  He also said his time in journalism underscored one of the simple truths that also is a cornerstone of his current business.  “Nothing is more important than the ability to communicate,” he said, lamenting the occasions when subordinates or anyone he interacts with approaches him “magazine-style” — in a meandering way, with important points that could be sprinkled anywhere near the beginning, middle or end.”


“Jones also thinks the markets may end up forcing the federal government to clean up the nation’s balance sheet in as little as three or four years from now.  And he said that would present a once-in-a-generation opportunity to own assets.”

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