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MIT Leads the Charge in Online Learning

We suspect this is another important step forward in broadening access to higher education and simultaneously lowering the cost of distribution significantly.  Consumers around the world will be much better off as a result of this dislocation over the next decade and beyond (which will not be true for many — most? — colleges and universities).  MIT seems to be the world leader:

Offering interactive MIT courses online to learners around the world builds upon MIT’s OpenCourseWare, a free online publication of nearly all of MIT’s undergraduate and graduate course materials. Now in its 10th year, OpenCourseWare includes nearly 2,100 MIT courses and has been used by more than 100 million people.

MIT President Susan Hockfield said, “MIT has long believed that anyone in the world with the motivation and ability to engage MIT coursework should have the opportunity to attain the best MIT-based educational experience that Internet technology enables.  OpenCourseWare’s great success signals high demand for MIT’s course content and propels us to advance beyond making content available.  MIT now aspires to develop new approaches to online teaching.”

OCW will continue to share course materials from across the MIT curriculum, free of charge.

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