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A New Luxury Skyscraper Towers Over the Chinese Countryside

A new supertower will be opened this weekend in the Chinese village Huaxi, a communist model community with a registered population of just 2,000 “farmers.”

“An incongruous new sight has risen up in the countryside of eastern China: a skyscraper taller than any building in London or Tokyo, topped by what looks very much like a giant, golden disco ball…[t]hough many of those who live in its shadow earn less than £10 a day, there is no attempt to hide the wealth gap.  From a gold leaf-covered reception to a 60th floor inlaid with genuine flakes of gold, the building exudes wealth and excess.  Its proudest feature is a one-tonne, solid gold statue of an ox, said to be worth 300m yuan(£31m)…

Having been built up to the heavens during a period of global economic collapse, the megatower will be heralded as the latest symbol of China’s extraordinary economic expansion.  But this bizarre new addition to the landscape also speaks volumes about the land pressures, environmental stress, inequality and rash investment that threaten the country’s long-term growth.”

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