Road Trip through The Baltics

We flew from Birmingham to Tallinn, Estonia to begin our road trip through the Baltic states.  In recent years, the area has experienced rapid expansion economically and we wanted to experience these conditions first hand.  We took note that wealth seemed to diminish the further south we drove.

In Estonia, you can feel the vibrancy of a country advancing economically thanks to one the most libertarian governments in the world.  You also still see parts of the decaying Soviet Empire.

On the Tallinn skyline is St. Olaf’s Church, which was the tallest building in the world between 1549 and 1625.

Though the Baltic countries are very small, we are interested in a number of companies with operations in them.  Latvia is expected to enter the Euro in 2014.  After experiencing one of the largest contractions in the EU during the 2008 fiscal crisis, Latvia has made great strides at getting their fiscal house in order.

In the 13th century, Lithuania was the largest country in Europe, but subsequent history has seen the country subjugated by various neighbors.  The prospects for the Baltics are bright as they continue to catch up with Western Europe.