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Reports & Filings

The Cook & Bynum Fund (Ticker: COBYX) files detailed annual and semi-annual reports to communicate with the Fund’s shareholders about its progress and financial results. Click on the PDF and/or XBRL links below to access these reports.



XBRL Documents
The electronic files below are in XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) format, which was developed specifically for business and financial reporting. A special viewer software is necessary to read XBRL filings. To download the special Interactive Data Viewer needed to read these XBRL files, please go to the SEC’s website.


XBRL Instance DocumentXBRL Instance Document
XBRL Taxonomy Extension Schema DocumentXBRL Taxonomy Extension Schema Document
XBRL Taxonomy Extension Calculation LinkbaseXBRL Taxonomy Extension Calculation Linkbase
XBRL Taxonomy Extension Definition LinkbaseXBRL Taxonomy Extension Definition Linkbase
XBRL Taxonomy Extension Labels LinkbaseXBRL Taxonomy Extension Labels Linkbase
XBRL Taxonomy Extension Presentation LinkbaseXBRL Taxonomy Extension Presentation Linkbase